Learn How To 
Get Your Guitar Playing Back In 14 Days

The Most Effective Practice Routine For Restoring Your Guitar Technique After A Long Break From Playing

How to restore your guitar technique after a long break

Restore your guitar technique in just 14 days after a long break from playing, even if you haven't played guitar in months! Enter your name and email below to get free access:

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You are about to get the exact, step-by-step practice schedule that will restore your guitar playing in 14 days. Fact is, doing this doesn't take longer than 14 days, but trying to do it in less time can permanently damage your hands and develop very BAD guitar playing habits that you didn't have in the past! So BEWARE and follow THIS schedule exactly!

This special guitar practice routine will train you to:

  • Get your guitar technique back in 14 days flat, by practicing no more than 1 hour per day…(even if you haven’t played guitar in months!)
  • Avoid the 3 most common mistakes guitarists make when getting back into playing that can lead to SERIOUS injuries
  • Protect yourself from developing bad habits in your guitar playing…before they even start
  • Take all guesswork from the process of practicing guitar, to ensure that your technique comes back in record time
  • Select the right exercises to practice, to make your practicing highly efficient
  • Correctly balance “intensity” and “volume” in your practicing - 2 key variables to making MAXIMUM progress FAST
  • Know EXACTLY what to do after your guitar technique is restored, to make sure that you NEVER get off track with your practicing again!  

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