Practice Generator User Reviews And Feedback

On this page, you can see and read the feedback users give about the Practice Generator and how it helped them to make more progress practicing guitar.

“The biggest problem of everyone practicing is that at the beginning of the practice session you don't know exactly what to practice. Usually you are there with this big list of things you should be practicing and you don't know how much time to devote to this or that. The Practice Generator helps you doing that.”

The Practice Generator creates a schedule for you that tells you how much time you have to spend on each element. This is EXTREMELY invaluable because it takes out all the thinking from the process. You just need to know where you are, where you want to be and the Practice Generator tells you how much you need to practice each element, what day and with what frequency.

This helped me immensely. It's like night and day. Before I was practicing a lot of course, but the results came very slowly. After using the Practice Generator, everything came way faster because my practice was more balanced, following my goals.

Tommaso Zillio, Professional Musician and Guitar Teacher, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


“To me the Practice Generator is the thing that keeps me on track. If I don't have the Practice Generator, I drift a little and I start wandering off and do my own thing, but with the Practice Generator in front of you, it really pulls the focus right in. ... The Practice Generator is a real motivator and a real measure of progress.”

It gives me structure in my practicing which is something that on my own I probably wouldn't do. So Tom's Practice Generator does it for me. When I saw the new Practice Generator and I started using it, I realized 'This is it'! It puts me right back on track.

John Magee, San Francisco, California, USA


“There is no way I would quit using the Practice Generator because it helped that much!”

I'm focusing more when I'm actually working on a topic. Now, when I work on Improvisation for example for 20 minutes, whereas before I worked on it for an hour, I'm actually getting more A LOT more out of that 20 minutes than I did for the hour.

Tom knows what he is doing. He understands how much you should be practicing each item or aspect of your guitar playing. If someone else made a product like this, they would just assign a random amount of time and make it look like it was pre-determinded, whereas with Tom's Practice Generator, he knows how much you should be practicing each item.

Lori Simpson, Pensacola, Florida, USA


“Generally I have a very hard time making schedules and scheduling my practice time for myself. I was struggling with that for quite a long time.”

I would have a rough idea 'this is what I should be doing', but I was never completely sure and I also had a very hard time with it. What the Practice Generator has done for me is giving me that structure. It gives me an exact idea 'this is what I need to be practicing today'.

Tom knows what he is doing . He understands how much you should be practicing each item or aspect of your guitar playing. If someone else made a product like this, they would just assign a random amount of time and make it look like it was pre-determinded, whereas with Tom's Practice Generator, he knows how much you should be practicing each item.

Graeme Whitecross, Saskatoon, Canada


“The Practice Generator has enabled me to be intensely more focused on the items I need practice on. Besides laying out the items you input into it in a succinct manner it has additional features that really drive it's effectiveness home.”

Prior to using the Practice Generator I would try to just catch up which ultimately led to me not practicing important items in my self-made schedule nearly as much. The Practice Generator holds me accountable so that never happens! Fumbling around without discipline has NOT paid off so if you’re not using The Practice Generator you’re practicing at your own peril!

Kwote One, Concord, California, USA


"I really like the Practice Generator because it helps me to not feel overwhelmed by the amount of material to practice.”

I tend to be one of those people that feels the need to completely master something before I move on to something else, and historically, that has inhibited my progress.

With the Practice Generator, I can structure my lesson time in a more reasonable fashion so that I can still work on material I have not yet mastered, without it being at the expense of my other lesson material.  I think this tool has helped me improve immensely, because I am able to be more efficient when I practice.

Kristin Paris,
New Hampshire, USA


"I really like the Practice Generator. I found it really fantastic to work with. There are so many things on the internet, so much stuff to work on, so you just feel lost.”


The Practice Generator is brilliant, it organized all the work and you just know what to do.

Nicholas Remy,  Paris, France


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